Edu Spinners

The success of these spinners is found in the way they place on the water without any weird noise, in the same way an insect would do it, so they don’t scare the trout.

Technique features

  • Edu Spinner is completely handmade. They are made one by one.
  • It has their own style after years and years of study and evolution.
  • The perfect finish of the ring make there are no bubbles.
  • The body, the spoon blade and the triple lure are precisely proportioned.
  • The axle is guided under pressure, so it does not swing.
  • There are no turbulences thanks to the design of its cylindrical body and their cone-shipped sides.
  • The drop on the water is soft and slow, so there is no splashing.
  • On the water, the rounds are fair, just with the movement of the spinner, so the fishing line does not take any memory.
  • Finally, the triple lure is made on high quality steel.