Bass # 5 12gr. Was used to having the estuaries and shallow for the summer, as though little comes close to the surface and where is the bass, since in invierrno low.

Bass # 9 25gr. Trolling or is used with cane on beaches or cliffs and comes without resistance, then simply touch the crank carrte and tour.

Bass 9A 35gr.’s Typically used when there is much time and so the fishermen are separated from the shore about 50 meters inside and nylon spoon with 35 still leaves another 50 meters to the sea and that is where usually the bass, to eat anything that comes out of the rocks to be beating the water in it.


These spoons carbon bearing a hook and are put nickel bath as the body and thus paracer one Mugel or other similar fish.

White or even used daily and the colors are put in the day function is unclear whether daylight or if you are very clear waters.

Tip: It is advisable to come fishing with fresh water wash and so they take the salt and last much longer.